Writing Tips

     I guess my first topic should be about actually creating an original story of your own.  Although it may seem impossible at first, it really just takes a plan.  It’s that simple. 

     A common mistake of new writers is having absolutely no idea where they were planning to go with a story.  You may come up with the perfect protagonist with an awesome background and the perfect setting for your novel.  You may even have some minor characters and scenes planned out.  So you start writing and writing and then… what next?  Where were you headed?  Do you even know what the main point of your book is or the actual ending?  If you didn’t plot your novel out, probably not.  You’ll probably just end up staring at a screen or notebook thinking to yourself, “Wut are words?” 

     So before you even think about starting your novel, plan it out.  Remember in English class when your teacher made you do an outline for a research paper or book report?  Remember how much you probably hated it?  If not, cool.  Anyway, this is actually really important when planning a novel.  Think of your book as having a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Anything more complex will probably get you lost or overwhelmed. 

     Another mistake that new writers make is just not making time to write their novel.  I mean, the internet is calling, right?  Or you want to read a new book you just got and you… just… can’t… find the time to write that novel that you have lying on your desk. 

      Try giving yourself a weekly or daily word count goal to reach.  But start small.  Maybe 350 words per day or 3,000 words per week and make sure to reach those numbers.  Try not to let yourself slide.

      The last mistake that I will discuss is hitting a word block (as I like to call it).  You’re really rolling.  Your story is coming along nicely when you just can’t think of another word to write.  It just seems impossible and you may think to yourself, “Maybe this book wasn’t a good idea after all.”  And you quit.  NO. Just no.

      Keep writing.  Embrace the halt in your creative process and maybe take up another creative hobby such as crafts or drawing.  Sometimes it’s good to get away from writing your novel and just spend some time doing other things. 

      I really hope that these writing tips are helpful to anyone struggling with their first novel.  Until next time.



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