Why Writing is Special to Me

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to create stories.  There’s just this wonderful feeling that you get when a character trapped in your mind comes to life in the pages of your very own book.

When I first started writing, I used to keep it to myself.  I would lock my stories away in a drawer so that no one could read them but me.  I just wasn’t confident enough to be judged by others.  I wasn’t even sure that my books were good.  They were just mine.

It wasn’t until my third book that I finally let someone else read one of my creations.  And to my surprise, she loved it!  She told me to keep writing because she had to know how it ended.  It felt so amazing to hear that my stories were exciting.  It inspired me to continue my passion.  Since then, I have finished the book and started on the second one in the series.  And as I continue to write, my love for writing just gets stronger.

I’ve failed along the way.  My first book was never completed because I had no idea how to continue so I just gave up.  My advice is don’t do that.  No one thinks like you do so your stories are your own.  They’re unique because your unique.

I know that not everyone will like my stories but I also know that some will so I will continue to write for the ones that listen.  I hope that you do the same.  Your stories need to be heard.

I’m really excited to have started my first blog and I hope that you enjoy it.  Don’t forget to follow.




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