Books and More Books

I don’t know about you but I’m an avid reader.  I’ll read just about anything that I can get my hands on.  My bookshelf has already run out of space for more books and I have a huge to be read pile that I need to finish.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stayed up to all hours of the night just to finish one more chapter that turns into two then three then four until I end up just finishing the whole book.  Sometimes it’s just too hard to put it down.

I’ve recently just finished the novel The Rule of Three and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you’re looking for a realistic apocalyptic novel, I would definitely recommend this book.  It’s YA, but unlike a lot 0f YA apocalyptic novels, all the adults don’t die in this one.  And there is no nuclear war or killer plague.

The main concept of the book is that a blackout has swept across the world, rendering all electronic appliances useless.  The only type of machinery that still works is old cars, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, and other machinery that doesn’t run off of computers.  The book then follows the main character, Adam, as he struggles to come to terms with the nightmare that has turned his world upside down.

Another thing that I liked about this book is that the author didn’t automatically make the world fall apart.  Instead, it took a few days for people to start looting and rioting out of panic.  He really did try to make it realistic.  It just felt real when I was reading it, like something like this could happen tomorrow.  It made the book more interesting as a whole.

So what books are you reading?  What are your favorites?





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