The Beauty of Writing

When a writer writes, they leave a little bit of themselves on every page.  The thing about writing is that it gives us a voice.  It allows us to be the adventurer, the warrior, the poet, the hero, and the dreamer that is hidden inside each and everyone of us.  It’s our way to express ourselves in the only way that we know how, through a story.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to express what we want to say out loud.  How can we just talk about the deepest thoughts in our heart?  But writing allows us to do just that.  Sometimes a paper and pen are the only things that we know how to communicate with.  A writer’s pen is his voice, his paper his message.  Martin Luther once said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”

Writing allows us to express our deepest emotions, fears, and dreams.  It allows us to be the person that we want to be.  It gives us a chance to share with the world something new, special, and completely our own.  When a writer writes, they write the truth, the truest truth that they know and it is beautiful.

So write as if no one will ever read your novel but you.  Write because it is your own unique contribution to the world.  Write because you love it.




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