Creating a Suspenseful Prologue

Water, Riley’s greatest fear swirled dangerously close to the rickety bridge.  Her whole body shook in terror.  She was stranded, the other half of the bridge having been swept away by the raging floods.  There was no way forward and no way back.

She breathed in another ragged breath and wiped rainwater from her eyes.  How had she let this happen?  She shouldn’t have listened to her friends.  She had known that it wasn’t safe to come out here due to the startling amount of rainwater that they had received over the past week.

“Riley!” her best friend, Ava, screamed from the shore.  “Just hold on!  Help is on the way!”

Riley could barely hear her over the roar of the river and the pounding rain.  The bridge threatened to collapse underneath her and she gripped the wooden railing harder, her knuckles turning a pale white from the strain.

She could still hear her friends shouting at her from the shore, but she didn’t dare look up for fear that she would lose her already weakening grip on the slippery wood.  Then Ava shouted something that made Riley’s blood turn cold, “Look out!”

Riley tore her gaze upward just in time to see a huge log tumbling straight towards her.  She didn’t even have time to scream before it slammed into the bridge and knocked her into the freezing cold water.

This is an sample prologue from a story I have been working on.  Hope you enjoyed.  I’m leaving the ending up to you.  Feel free to comment your thoughts below.



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