My Thoughts on Online Books

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer a paperback book over a tablet any day.  I just like the feel of an actual book way better.  Plus, the screen on the tablet hurts my eyes after a while and, of course, it always goes dead when I’m at an interesting part.  Let’s just get something straight.  Books shouldn’t go dead when your reading them!

Another thing about online books is that they are all on one device.  I really love filling my bookshelves.  It just looks amazing when you have a bookshelf full of books!  But that’s just me!

I also don’t like how fragile the tablet is.  Like, if you drop it, well… Your probably not going to be able to finish that book that you were reading.  While actual books you can drop and it won’t break.  You’ll probably just be upset that you bent some of the pages and hurt the hardcover.  (I know that that would be my thoughts).  It’s why I’m not fond of letting just anyone burrow my books.  But I digress.

I will say that the Kindle is nice when I’m on trips though because let’s be honest, books are heavy!  It is also nice to be able to find a book that I want and just buy it and ten seconds later have it on my device.  It’s very convenient, almost too convenient because books cost money and when there readily available…  Well, how can I say no?  You can never have too many books, right?

So what are your thoughts?  Do you prefer online or the actual thing?  Comments welcome!



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