Don’t Stress

Honestly, this has got to be one of the hardest things that I struggle with as a writer.  It’s just so easy to worry about your progress (or lack of progress).  Just this weekend, I was stressing about finishing a chapter for one of my novels.  I just wanted to get it done because I knew that this week was going to be pretty busy.  I worried so much about finishing it that I just couldn’t find the words to write down.  I was too concerned with finishing the chapter and I had forgotten that writing should be enjoyable.

I decided to take a break, relax, and come back to it later and it really worked.  It was much easier to get my creative thoughts going when I wasn’t stressing about a deadline that I had given myself.  (I ended up finishing the chapter too).

Other times I worry that my novel isn’t exciting enough.  Then I realize something really important.  I’ve read the novel like a hundred times!  Of course it won’t be as exciting as if I were reading a brand new book!  Just remember that your audience will be reading your novel for the first time so all your predictable twists and turns will be complete surprises for them.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Stress

  1. rachelsanderson says:

    Totally agree! Even when it’s all going well writing a book is a dauntingly huge task and it’s so easy to create a lot of pressure around making progress. I try to let myself enjoy the process and celebrate the little steps along the way. This sometimes involves chocolate šŸ˜Š


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