Where Did the Time Go?

Can you believe that it is already October?  Just three more months until 2017!  And I’ve still got so many projects that I want to finish before the year 2016 comes to a close.  Phew!  I’ve got my work cut out for me especially since I’m hoping to finish two novels before the end of the year!  My two novels are YA.  (It’s my favorite genre to read and write about.)  But let’s be honest.  I’ll read just about anything as long as it is able to keep my attention:)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find time in my busy schedule to accomplish what I set out to do at the beginning of the year so that next year I can focus on publication.  You know, finding an agent and writing a query letter for both novels!  I’m really excited to be so close to accomplishing my ultimate goal, getting my stories out there!

Goals are set to be accomplished!  Thanks to all those who have followed my blog and posted a comment on my work!





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