The Book That Fell Short

Okay, so I recently just finished a YA novel about a strong female hero and I was really disappointed in the main character’s portrayal.  I did get it for free on my kindle so that was good, but still, I really wanted to like this book.  It had potential.  Let me tell you why this book fell short.

First, the main character really had no emotion.  Her dad dies and she barely even sheds a tear about it.  She just moves on after having a funeral for him and he is mentioned like three more times.  And nothing seems to faze her.  Like, come on, even the best fighter in the world has to feel some kind of emotions when facing a group of ninjas.

Second, the book starts out portraying the main character as never wanting to have friends.  Plus, the author states that no one wanted to be her friend either.  But then all of the sudden, she changes the way she dresses and she is immediately surrounded by a group of boys that had rarely spoken to her at the dojo, but now want to be her friends. (Just out of the blue)  And then she starts going to football games and making more friends and being really outgoing and I was just left there thinking, “Where did this change come from?”

Third, the author caused the main character’s ninja enemies to be afraid of her because she glared at them.  What?  I’ll just leave it at that because I really don’t think that twenty ninjas are going to leave her alone because she gave them a death stare.

Other than this, the book did have a good plot.  Sorry about the rant lol!




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