Don’t Forget to Spend Time Writing

Ever get so caught up with life that you just can’t find time for your masterpiece in the making? 

Today, I’m going to talk about making time to write.  It’s important to write as much as possible if you want to finish your story.  When I first started writing, I really didn’t make time at all to write.  I’d only write like once a week and then forget about my story and spend time reading the newest book that I got my hands on.  I was more interested in reading other people’s work then working on my own.  

Now I set goals for every week and daily word counts that I need to reach and it has made a huge difference in my story writing.  It now feels weird when I don’t write.  

Another way to make time for writing is to set apart a certain time in the day that you can write. It’ll give you a routine that you can follow which will in turn make it easier to find time for your story writing.

Good luck to all you writers out there!



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