Five Signs That You’re a Writer

I know that all writers are different, but… well… writers are a special kind of people:)  Here are a few signs that you are a writer.

1) Sleep is a luxury!  I’ll be talking to my friends and they tell me, “Oh I’m so tired.  I went to bed at ten!”  And I’ll be just sitting there thinking, “Yeah, well I stayed up all night finishing a chapter so…”  I mean, don’t most of our best ideas for our novels come at like 4 o’clock in the morning?  What is sleep, right?

2) We practically live on caffeine!  It’s a necessary fuel that we can’t live without.  For me, it’s diet coke, but coffee is good too.  Without caffeine, I don’t know how I would function!

3) We are constantly thinking about our novels.  Let’s face it, our stories are always on our minds.  That new scene idea isn’t gong to write itself and our make believe characters need our attention.

4)Speaking of characters, you know your a writer when you feel like you have let your characters down when you neglect your story for a while! It’s like, “I’m sorry that I forgot about you!  It won’t happen again!”

5)We’ll talk about our novels for hours.  Honestly, if you get me talking about my novel, you better be ready for me to run through the whole thing, explaining every detail down to the grain of sand that I mentioned in chapter 5 page 26 on line 7.  Yeah, I could talk about my novel forever.

This is a list made up by me!  Comment if you have something to add!





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