Know Your Secondary and Minor Characters

For some reason, the last few books that I have read had really two-dimensional secondary and minor characters.  I felt as if they were only in the book to congratulate and support the main character.  Even the villains were two dimensional.  It felt as if they were just evil because the main character needed someone to go up against.  And none of the characters had any individual personality at all.  They were just dull.  There is no other word for it.

So, when writing a novel, it is very important to give all of your characters a distinct personality.  Each individual is important to your story.  It’s how you build the world that your main character interacts with throughout your novel.

Don’t just put characters in your novel for fluff.  Give them purpose and like I said in a former post, give your villains a believable and meaningful backstory.

One more piece of advice is to make a list of all your characters and write down all the pieces of information that go along with each one.  And make sure that you give each individual their own unique personality.  That way, you won’t forget who is who and your minor and secondary characters won’t be just extras in your story added for fluff.

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3 thoughts on “Know Your Secondary and Minor Characters

  1. Shadow Summit says:

    Personally I love my secondary and minor characters, I give them as much backstory and depth as I do the main characters, although I may not reveal it all. I always like to think ‘If this character was the main character of a story, what would that book go like?” It helps to think of every single character as a unique being and brings yet another layer to your story. 🙂

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