Personality is Key

Hey, everyone!  It’s Na No Ri Mo month and writing is a major focus right now.  Writing a book in one month is a daunting task.

Here’s some advice to all you writers out there.  Your main character is absolutely essential to your story.  They’re the ones who your readers relate to.  Most people (including myself) love to picture themselves as the main character while they read.

But your readers need to be able to relate to your main characters in order to grow attached to them.  So it is key to give them personality.  The last few books that I read had really two-dimensional characters and here’s why:

1)Nothing fazed them.  They never got scared.  They were never sad when something bad happened.  It was like I was reading about someone completely detached from the world.  There was nothing about them that I could relate to so it made the story very uninteresting.

2)One of the characters that I was reading about was just plain annoying, a total brat really.  The author had a really original idea, but I just couldn’t get past the main character’s attitude.

3)They never made mistakes.  NOT ONCE.  They could do no wrong and everybody loved them.  The only enemy that they had was the main villain.  (Who was a typical bad guy as well.)  And let me tell you something, everyone makes mistakes.  It’s just a fact of life.  If you are reading about a perfect character that does no wrong, how can you relate to them?

4)The friendships that they had felt forced and unnatural.

These are just a few examples.  Here’s some advice for giving your main characters personality:

1)Make them imperfect.  Mistakes are a part of life and your main character needs to make a few in order for them to grow and be relatable to your readers.

2)Give your character emotion.  If something terrible has just happened, make it apparent to your reader that your main character is affected.

3)Put a few instances in your novel that humble your main character.

4)Give them some unique character traits.

5)Give them meaningful friendships and relationships.

That’s all that I can think of at the moment!  Comments welcome!:)



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