Hand Writing V. Typing on the Computer

For me, the decision between the two is a no brainer.  I always write my rough drafts for my novels in a notebook before typing them out on a computer.  Writing on actual paper helps me think and I just love watching my pages fill with my words.

Here’s a fun fact:  Did you know that writing on paper actually improves your memory?  A study was conducted that proved that those who wrote notes by hand had a better memory of the notes than those that typed out the information on a computer.

Another reason that I like hand writing is the slowness of it.  For some reason, when I type on a computer I feel rushed and detached from my work.  Writing by hand (for me) makes the writing experience more personal.

The only cons about hand writing is the cramps that I get in my fingers and having to erase my work instead of just pressing the backspace and watching the words disappear.

So what do you prefer?  Hand writing or typing your work on the computer?



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