Character Sketch

Lately, I’ve really been working on improving my skills as an artist.  I’ve finally reached the point where I can draw my very own sketch of one of my characters!!  This is a sketch of Nightsong, the elf from my very first book, and her wolf, Midnight.  I know that I still need improvement, but I’m really happy to have her actually sketched out on paper.

Now I just need to color her and her wolf in and the sketch will be complete!

Do any of you practice art?

As always, thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Character Sketch

  1. Shadow Summit says:

    Oooh, first look at Nightsong and Midnight, cool! I love doing art and digital designing stuff. I find I can’t make my own characters however, I give up because I think it doesn’t do them justice. :/ I like making fanart of other people’s character and stuff though. 🙂 It’s cool that you are practicing drawing though, I am also very much in the practicing stage too. Let’s keep practicing XD ❤

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