Trying Something New

So I’ve decided to try something new.  For the next week or so I’m going to be posting a short story that I wrote in short excerpts.   Here’s the first excerpt.

The One Wish

It was now or never.  Clone 225 breathed in another shaky breath as she waited anxiously for the shift change that she knew was about to happen.  She had been plotting her perfect opportunity to escape for days now and she had practically had the guard’s shifts memorized.  One more door and then up the elevator and she was out, free at last.

Clone 225 was the two hundred and twenty-fifth clone to be produced in the underground Genesis Lab.  Genesis Lab was started when the world realized that it was impossible to fight aging.  No number of drugs and procedures could prolong life for more than a few years over the age of 120, and no one had ever been able to reverse the effects of old age.  So, scientists switched gears and started to experiment with clones so that a person could place everything that they were into a perfect replica.  They could basically start over with a perfect version of themselves and relive their life all over again.

So far, the clone idea wasn’t working.  After 227 tries, not one switch had been successful.  When created, the clones already had their own personalities.  They weren’t just blank slates like the scientists thought that they would be.  When they placed the memories of the original person into the clones, the clones ended up brain dead and no amount of procedures could fix the effects.  But the biggest problem was that the clones had a lifespan.  They only lived for thirty days before they expired for no apparent reason at all.

Clone 225 was on her twenty-eighth day.  She knew that her time was running out and she was determined to spend the remainder of her short life above ground.  She wanted to feel the wind, the grass, and the rain.  She wanted to experience what it was like to be normal, but most of all she wanted to see the sun, the moon, and the stars.  If she could just do that, she could die content.

Now she was so close.  She just had to get by this last set of guards.  She glanced at the clock nervously.  Had she been wrong?  No.  The two guards were on the move.  She had exactly one minute until the next set of guards came.  She sprinted towards the elevator on shaky legs and rammed her fist into the button that would open the elevator doors.  She waited one second, two seconds, three…  She wasn’t going to make it.  Ding!  The elevator doors slid open and she stumbled inside.

Hurriedly, she pressed the button for floor 1 and the elevator doors slid closed with a hiss.  Then she was going up.  Nervous energy engulfed her in a tight grip.  Would the outside world be everything that she had imagined all her life?

The elevator came to an abrupt halt and the doors slid open.  Clone 225 peered uneasily in each direction to make sure that the coast was clear to move on.  This was her first time even being up to the first floor.  Clones never left the lower testing labs.

Clone 225 tip toed out of the elevator and jogged down the white corridor until she hit a set of double doors.  She looked through the small window and saw that the other side of the doors opened into a spacious room lined with windows.  She couldn’t believe it!  She could see the sky!

Clone 225 was about to make a break for the doors leading outside when she spotted a woman sitting at a desk at the back of the room.  There was no way that she could get past her without the woman knowing.  Clone 225 was at a loss.  She had never thought that she would make it this far.  Could her trip outside be thwarted by one woman at a desk?  No.  She wouldn’t let that happen.  She was leaving the Genesis Lab and she was leaving now.

That’s all for now.  I will be posting an update soon!  Comments welcome!



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