Second Update: The One Wish

“So what can I call you?” she asked without waiting for his answer to her previous questions.

“Um, Jason.  You can call me Jason,” he replied.  “And what can I call you?”

“Oh, you can call me 225.”

“What kind of a name is that?” he asked incredulously.  Who was this woman?

“It’s not a name,” she explained.  “It’s an identifying number.”

What? Jason thought.  “Identifying number?”

“Mhmm hmm,” she replied.

Clone 225 didn’t understand why he didn’t know what an identifying number was.  Oh no.  Maybe that was only done in the Genesis Lab.

“Okay,” Jason said slowly.  “That’s nice.”  He turned the car into the parking lot of the flower shop.  “We are here.”

As soon as the car is parked, Clone 225 pulled open the car door and jumped onto the pavement.  “Thank you!” she called to Jason before walking quickly into the store.

Jason watched in curiosity as Clone 225 disappeared into the store.  Who exactly was she?  She sure didn’t act like a twenty-year-old.  Though he couldn’t help but admit to himself that she was pretty with her wavy red hair and blue eyes albeit a little confused.  Maybe it wasn’t wise to let her roam the city all by herself.  She could get hurt.

Meanwhile, Clone 225 was thoroughly enjoying herself as she wandered through the store. There were so many flowers and they smelled so good!  She hadn’t known that they had such a sweet aroma.  She just knew that they were pretty from the pictures that she had seen of them.

Happily, she grabbed a handful of daisies and inhaled deeply.  Wow.  How could Jason not like flowers?

“Do you like those?” the owner of the shop, a woman in her mid-forties, asked.

“Oh yes!” Clone 225 gushed.  “They’re lovely!”

The woman smiled sweetly.  “It’s nice to see someone with a genuine appreciation for the beauty of flowers.”

“How could you not appreciate their beauty?” Clone 225 inquired.

“You’d be surprised how many people just don’t take time to appreciate the small things in life anymore.”

“I can’t even imagine how anyone couldn’t enjoy all the things that living here should offer!” Clone 225 exclaimed.

“If only everyone could have the enthusiasm for life as you do,” the woman said with a wistful tone.

Clone 225 didn’t understand.  She had seen and experienced so many great things today and she had just gotten above ground.  The world had so many great things to offer.  Who could just ignore them?

“Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?” the woman asked after she finished watering a vase of roses the color of scarlet.

Immediately, Clone 225 was back to being excited.  “Do you have sunflowers?  They are my absolute favorite flower!”

“Sunflowers?  Yes, I believe that we do.  Follow me,” the shop keeper replied.

Clone 225 followed the woman to the back of the store.  Then she saw them.  They were gorgeous.  The center of the sunflower was a dark black surrounded by a burnt brown fanned by bright yellow petals.  She placed her pale hand over one and was surprised to discover that the flower was as wide as her hand.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, picking one up gingerly.  “I love them!”

The woman smiled.  “I’m glad that you do!  Are you wanting to take one home?”

“Can I?” Clone 225 asked in surprise.

“For ten dollars apiece, you can have as many as you want,” the shop keeper explained, a curious expression on her face.

“What’s ten dollars?” Clone 225 asked, once again confused.

The shop keeper stared at Clone 225 for a second, her forehead scrunching up.  Was this woman toying with her or was she serious?  She was about to reply when a young man walked up.

“Don’t worry about that,” he told Clone 225.  “How much did you say that the flower was?”

“Um, ten dollars.  Do you know her?” the shop keeper asked.

“Yes I do.  You see, I was waiting for her to pick a flower in the car and then I realized that I hadn’t sent her in with any money.”  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a worn leather wallet.  He pulled out ten dollars and gave it to the shop keeper.  “Will this suffice?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

“Thank you for your time.  Are you ready to go?” he said, addressing Clone 225.

“Yes!”  She turned back to the shop keeper.  “Thanks so much for the sunflower!”

Seeing the brightness in her eyes, Jason was glad that he had come back in.  For some reason, he just felt responsible for her now.  To him, she was a delicate flower that needed to be protected and the thought of leaving her to navigate the city alone did not sit well with him.

“Why did you come back?” Clone 225 asked Jason as they walked out of the shop.

“I changed my mind about being your tour guide for the day,” he said simply.  “Have you eaten yet?”

At the mention of food, Clone 225’s stomach growled impatiently.  She hadn’t eaten all day.  “Yes!  I haven’t eaten in forever!”

Clone 225 plopped unto the passenger seat with a huff.  “Where do you get food?”

“Well, I was thinking that we could go to a restaurant.”

“What’s a restaurant?  Is that where you can find food?” Clone 225 asked.

Jason stopped short.  “Yes,” he said stiffly.  “You can get food from a restaurant.”

“Awesome!” Clone 225 replied happily, oblivious to his sarcastic tone.  “Then let’s go to a restaurant.”

Jason shook his head and pulled out of the parking lot.  How could this woman not know what a restaurant was?  She had to be joking, but she just seemed too genuine.  Plus, she didn’t have a name.  Just an identifying number?  What was that all about?  And speaking of not having a name…

That’s all for today.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Your feedback is appreciated!  As always, ya’ll are awesome:)  I will be posting my next update on Wednesday so stay tuned.



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