What Kind of A Writer Are You?

As a writer, we all write our stories differently.  I like to write my stories on a whim.  Meaning, I’m not much of a planner.  I just write a quick outline and go with it.

For me, planning takes a lot of time and I usually just change my plans once I start writing anyway.  I do like to write my outlines as I go along though so I can look back at them as a whole.  I also write my character sketches and information for them as they come into my story.

I’m also a procrastinator when it comes to writing.  Sometimes I find it hard to make time for my writing in the midst of school, sports, and reading.  I really am trying to have a set schedule for my writing though so that it won’t take me so long to finish a novel.

I also prefer to write in first person because it lets me really delve into what my characters are thinking.

So what kind of a writer are you?



4 thoughts on “What Kind of A Writer Are You?

  1. Shadow Summit says:

    I guess I’m a lot like you. I prefer to write with a quick outline rather than to plan it chapter by chapter. I also like have sketches of characters done and make a quick character sheet for each of the important characters. My stories change so much while I write I’d have to change the outline so much! 🙂
    I prefer third person because I can reveal different things as the reader goes. However I’m quite fond of writing short stories from first person view. 😀

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