Fourth Update: The One Wish

She knelt on the soft floor and gingerly opened the wooden box.  Inside, she found beautiful drawings of trees, birds, the sky, fields, and lots of flowers.  Each one was unique, realistic, and signed by Jason.  Jason drew these?  Why had he never said anything about them to her?

She decided to ask him about them.  She carefully placed all of the drawings neatly into the box and carried it to the kitchen.

Jason looked up as Sun walked into the room carrying none other than the old box that contained all of his drawings.  Of course she would find those.

“I found these in the other room.  Why didn’t you tell me that you are an artist?”  Sun placed the box of drawings on the table.  “They are really pretty.  But I thought that you didn’t like flowers.”

“I don’t.  Well, not anymore.  And I’m not an artist.  I stopped drawing a long time ago.”

“How could you stop liking flowers?  They really show the beauty that this world has to offer.”

“The world doesn’t have any beauty to offer,” Jason snapped bitterly.

“What do you mean?  The world is wonderful,” Sun replied, shocked that he would say that.

“Look, I don’t know what kind of perfect life that you have lived to make you feel this way, Sun, but out here in the real world, life sucks.  I quit being an artist because it just doesn’t pay.  If I hadn’t quit, I would have never been able to afford this apartment, but now I might lose it anyway because I just got fired from my job.  I hated it, but it had decent pay.  The world is cruel, Sun.  How do you not see that?  There is no beauty.  Life is a drudgery that you struggle with until you die.  It’s that simple.”  Jason finished his rant with a huff and leaned back in the wooden chair.

Sun sat there in stunned silence for a minute.  She didn’t understand what he had said about money, and getting fired from his job, but she knew that he was upset and miserable.  She knew how he felt.  This is exactly the way that she had been when she had realized that her whole life would be spent underground, but she had found a way to be happy by reading and making the plan to escape the Genesis Lab.  She wanted Jason to find happiness too.

“I haven’t lived a perfect life,” Sun began quietly.  “Not by a long shot.  In fact, you are the first person that has ever been nice to me.  But I didn’t like going through life depressed so I just started finding happiness in the little things.”

“Like flowers?” Jason said sarcastically.

“Yes!  Exactly like flowers.  And books that can take you to places that you have never been before!  And rain.  Rain is wonderful.  And you.  You make me happy because of how nice you have been to me.  I would have surely gotten lost in this big city if you hadn’t offered to show me around.”

Jason was silent for a minute.  She had made some good points.  He wasn’t spending any time enjoying anything that life had to offer.  He wasn’t letting himself enjoy art and the beauty of nature.  He was just rushing through life with blinders on and it was leaving him drained.

But the big question was whether he could make time for enjoying the little things on top of work.  That is, once he found a new job.  He sighed.  Arguing with her was not going to get him anywhere so he decided to agree with her for now.

“You’re right,” he told her.  “I haven’t been taking the time to enjoy anything lately.”  He paused.  “I’m sorry that I snapped at you.  I’ll try to be better from now on.”

“That’s okay,” she replied softly.

“Let’s just get some rest tonight and start over tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure.  We are still going to see the stars, right?”

“Yes, I promised that I would take you, didn’t I?” he told her.

“I know you did!  I was just checking,” she said with a smile.

Stay tuned for the next update on Wednesday!



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