End of the Semester Vibes

I’m so exited, ya’ll!  Just two more weeks and my semester of college is ending and I’m going to get a much needed break.  And you know what I’m going to do during that break?  You guessed it!  I’m going to spend it writing my novels and posting new content for my wonderful readers.  But first, I have to get through finals.  Fun…

Plus, I have a speech coming up and I’m a little nervous.  Public speaking assignment plus a socially awkward person who’s not the most confident speaker…  Well, just wish me luck because I’m going to need it!!!  Moving on…

It is also almost the end of NaNo RiMo month and I haven’t quite finished my novel so it looks like I’ll be finishing it in December.  Hopefully I can get it done during my break.

Thanks for reading!  I promise that I will be posting some more writing tips and possibly some book reviews soon!  You guys are great!

Also, if ya’ll have been following my short story The One Wish, I will be posting its fifth update on Sunday.



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