Fifth Update: The One Wish

The next morning, Jason was startled awake by a scream.  Alarm bells chimed in his brain as he stumbled out of bed and out of his room.  Sun must have found the stove or something.  But to his surprise, he found her peering excitedly out of the window.

Noticing his approach, Sun wheeled on him with all the enthusiasm in the world lighting up her eyes.  “Look!” she shouted.  “It’s the sun!”

The sun.  Sun had almost given him a heart attack over the sun.  Jason took a deep breath.

“Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” Sun asked.  “I mean, just look at it.”  She pointed out the window at the glowing ball of orange that was slowly brightening the sky.

After about a minute of watching the sun ascend into the sky and brighten the world, Jason was feeling exuberant as well.  In all his twenty years of life, he had never once taken the time to watch the sun rise.  It was magnificent, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring.

“Hey,” he told Sun once he noticed that she was watching the sun a little too closely.  “Don’t look straight at the sun.  It’ll make you go blind.”

Sun whirled on him in alarm.  “Blind?  Why didn’t you tell me sooner!  I need my eyesight to see the stars!”

“You’ll see the stars,” Jason promised.

Jason took one last look at the brilliant sunrise and then walked over to the kitchen.  “I’m going to fix us some eggs for breakfast before we hit the road.  Why don’t you pick out a new outfit from the white dresser in the guest bedroom?  They’re my sister’s clothes for when she comes to visit and you two are about the same size.”

“Okay,” Sun replied happily before skipping away.

Jason shook his head with a smile then opened the fridge and grabbed a carton of eggs.  It didn’t take him long to fry two sunny side ups.  He was just placing the steaming plates on the table when Sun appeared from around the corner wearing a pretty blue dress weaved with white lace.

This was the first time that Jason had seen Sun wearing something other than that ugly jumpsuit and he couldn’t help realizing just how beautiful she was.  The dress accentuated her natural red hair and startlingly blue eyes perfectly.  When she smiled, he noticed that she had cute little dimples on each cheek.  It was endearing.

“Come sit,” Jason invited.  “Let’s eat before the food gets cold.”

They ate quickly so that they could leave as soon as possible.  Jason wanted Sun to be able to enjoy the hike that he was going to take her on.  If they got there late, they would have to rush to get to the spot that he had picked out for them to look at the stars.

“You ready to go?” Jason asked Sun after he placed the dishes in the sink.

“Absolutely!” Sun replies.

Hope you enjoyed my fifth update!  Stay tuned to find out what happens next!



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