Write What’s in Your Heart

Writing is a special form of art and it is special to everyone in their own way.  I love to read stories that carry raw emotion and give you all the feels.

But in order to do this, the author had to write from the heart.  They had to throw their deepest emotions on paper.  They wrote what scared them and they didn’t doubt themselves.   That is when writing speaks to us.  So we should write for ourselves like no one will ever read our work.  We shouldn’t write for glory or money, fame or popularity.  We should write because we love it and it is a special part of who we are.  Writing is my voice and all that I want to do is share my words with the world.  I hope that this post has inspired all you writers out there to do the same.  Don’t be afraid to share your voice with the world.

What inspires you to write?



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