Book Wish List

Since it’s almost a new year and there are so many new books to read, I have compiled a list of books that I want to read next year.   I know it’s short but my list will grow throughout the year. (It always does!)

1) Winter: The Lunar Chronicles

I have loved this series from the beginning and I can’t wait to read the finale!

2) The Martian

I saw the movie and I thought it was amazing!  Then I found out that it was a book and I knew that I had to read it.

3) Magnus Chase and the Guards of Asgard

Ever since reading Percy Jackson, I have read everything written by Rick Riordan.  I love the humorous wit that he puts in his novels.  

4) The Shifter

I saw this on sale at Hastings and was intrigued by its plot.  Hopefully I won’t be disappointed. (Fingers crossed)

Are any of these books on your to be read list?  Have you read any of these books?  What books are you hoping to read?



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