Keep Going

The young woman paced the floor, frustration building up inside of her, before she threw herself back unto her chair with a sigh.  She stared at her word doc.  Why had she thought that she could write a story?  Why was she even trying anymore?

She was at a loss.  She had so much to say but the words would not come.  So many stories to tell, but her confidence was dwindling.  She wasn’t a writer.  She stared at the backspace bar and then slammed her pointer finger unto the key.  She watched as the words disappeared off of the page, leaving nothing but a blank page.  Nothing but an unspoken story.  She shut her computer and walked away.

I know how hard that it can be to hit a writer’s block.  I know that it is so easy to think that your story is no good and that no one will read it.  But you can’t give up.  Let me tell you something, We usually can’t see how good our work is because we can only see the flaws. (I do this all the time) We only see our mistakes, not the magic that we have created or the excitement that leaps off of every page.

Yes, we will receive rejections.  Yes, there will be people that won’t like our books.  Yes, we will feel like failures sometimes.  But we need to keep going.  We are WRITERS!  And as writers, we can’t leave our stories unspoken.  Don’t delete that first draft.  Edit it!  Who knows, maybe one day your novel will be a number one bestseller, but that can only happen if you keep going.  Don’t let doubt get in your way!  You’ve got this!

What motivates you to write?  What do you do when you hit writer’s block?



2 thoughts on “Keep Going

  1. Shadow Summit says:

    Boy have I been hit with the writer’s block in the past! I think having a blog actually helps a lot. You have inspiration all around you as well as people encouraging you. It really helps. Otherwise I find that taking a break and listening to music or going for a walk is good too. As for motivation, I feel like I want to have the work to look at in the future, which I know sounds a little selfish but, when I read something that I forgot I even had written, it feel new and exciting. XD Anyway, I really related to this passage, good work, Nightsong! ❤

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