Story Time

So, I was in school yesterday and something totally unexpected happened.  I was sitting in class (bored) when all of a sudden, a classmate asks me, “I heard that you have written a novel.  Is it true?”

Now granted, I was a little taken aback.  I don’t publicize that I’m an author at school, not because I’m embarrassed, but because I don’t think that anyone would care.  Well, anyway, my answer was simple, “Yes, I really have written a novel.”

Then it was just a flood of questions in my direction.  “How many pages is your novel?  How much time do you spend writing?  Do you like it?  Are you published?”  Then, “What is your novel about?”

I answer all of their questions as best as I could.  Then I told them what the novel was about.  I was so happy when they started telling me that, “I really like that idea.  I would be interested to read it.  Sounds like that could be a major movie one day.  That’s really cool.”

I was so surprised.  They actually seemed genuinely interested in my writing, something that I never expected.  It was just so encouraging.  Especially when a few of them told me that they would totally buy the book if I got it published.  Crazy!

So here’s the point of this little story.  You never know how others will react to your novels.  Don’t be afraid to publicize your stories, especially if somebody is asking you about it.  Talk to people and get your story out there!

Have you ever experienced encouragement like this?  Who are your biggest supporters?





4 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. Shadow Summit says:

    That’s super cool that they were excited about it! I went to a writer’s workshop last year and it was super awesome to hear feedback in person and I could see their excitement for me. I usually say that my family are my biggest supporters but sometimes even they aren’t the most encouraging. I do have a couple of my followers (including you) and a few friends that always tell me to keep up the work. 🙂
    P.S. Realized I wasn’t getting email notifications when you posted so I missed several of your posts, I have now rectified the situation and will be reading your posts. 😀 So sorry about the delayed reading. XD

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    • creativeminds101blog says:

      First off: (that’s totally cool. So no worries) It is definitely such a good feeling to hear feedback in person. It just gives me so much motivation. I’d have to agree with you about family. Sometimes they aren’t the most encouraging. But that’s okay. I have some friends and fellow bloggers (you included) that have told me to keep up the good work and to keep striving towards my goals:) As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. Angelica (TheBookCoverGirls) says:

    It is always great finding someone who is interested in our writing work. I know a lot of aspiring writers, myself included, who guard their work as if it were their babies, constantly shielding them from would be criticism, since everyone feels as if they have input and power of the writing. Everyone also feels it is their right to judge and draw conclusions. I love finding someone who is genuinely interested. It feels like such a boost in self esteem, a push to keep writing. Thanks for sharing this!

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    • creativeminds101blog says:

      I will be honest. When I first started writing, I would lock my stories away so that no one could see them. Ever. But as I grew older, I became more confident and finally took the dangerous and nerve racking step to trust another person with my writing. And it was the best thing that I could have done. She loved the story and since then, I share my work all the time. I know that I will receive negative feedback (people do seem to always have an opinion as you said above) but I’ll also get good responses that will encourage me to keep going.


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