2017 Reading Challenge

So I have recently joined Goodreads and even though I am still learning what the site is all about, I am enjoying it.  I have found so many books that I want to read on it already!  I also set for myself a reading challenge.  I am challenging myself to read 60 books this year!  (I already have 2 books completed)  Hopefully I can accomplish the rest of my goal by the end of 2017!  Fingers crossed!

But on top of the reading challenge, I have set for myself another goal.  This year, I want to read books that I don’t normally read.  I want to expand my horizons.  My reasoning is simple.  By reading more diverse books, I believe that my writing will grow.  I also feel that it is important to get a feel for all genres.  (But that is just me)  I also like to think that reading outside of the specific area that I like to read and write about will diversify and expand my skills as a writer.  This, in turn, will allow me to bring new methods and techniques into my writing so that my books don’t become redundant and I am able to bring a new flare to my chosen genre.

Have any of you joined Goodreads?  Have you set a reading challenge for 2017?  What are your favorite genres?  Do you read all types of genres or do you just stick with one?




8 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge

    • creativeminds101blog says:

      Wow! 100 books is a good amount. I normally stick to fiction when reading, but there have been some non-fiction books that I have really enjoyed. That is really cool that you like Art History and Linguistics. They both sound like interesting topics to read about. Good luck with your reading challenge as well!:)

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  1. Olivia Berrier says:

    I normally read in the speculative genres, but I decided in 2017 that I’d like to read some biographies. I’ve only read a couple in my life, but looking back on them, I *really* enjoyed the books! (The books were: “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and “Wittgenstein: The Duty of a Genius”)

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