Publishing Your Novel

One of my goals this year is to finally start the long road to getting one of my novels published.  I’ve researched all the ways that I could go about doing it so I decided to share it with you.

There are THREE different ways to go about publishing your novel:

1) Self-Publishing

This involves:

Paying someone to design and print your book.

Most self-published books don’t break even, so the authors have to be willing to spend money.

Being responsible for sales.

Being responsible for marketing.

You can list your book on Amazon, but it is the author’s job to bring their novel to the attention of potential readers.

This type of publishing usually appeals to writers who are just trying to distribute their novels to friends and family.  It also appeals to authors that have written a memoir.

2) Traditional Publishing Route

This involves:

Needing to get your work accepted by a literary agent, because big publishers will only take submissions from literary agents.

Getting paid an upfront advance for your work.

The publisher will be the one to invest in editorial, design work, and copy writing expenses.

The publisher is also responsible for sales and marketing.

Your book will be distributed nationally in physical stores as well as being distributed in digital form.

TV or movie deals are more likely if you publish your book through this particular route.

This form of publishing should appeal to authors who don’t mind a long wait (up to 18 months) before their novel is officially published.  Authors who want distribution through bookstores.  Authors who don’t mind that the publisher is responsible for all the key decisions involving their novel.

3) Digital Publishing

This involves:

No advance payment.

Your novel will not appear in physical bookstores.

You will have to pay for editorial and copyediting work.

You might not get a lot of readers because there are SO MANY different titles available in the Kindle and Amazon online stores.

You will get access to a worldwide audience.

Publishing digitally is essentially free and can be uploaded within 24 to 48 hours.

This form of publishing should appeal to authors who haven’t been able to obtain an agent.  Authors who write digital-friendly genres such as: romance, crime, paranormal, YA fiction, fantasy, or erotica.  Authors who are adept at using computers.  Authors who don’t necessarily care about the perks that come with traditional publishing.  Authors who are confident in their marketing abilities.

What I found that is nice about publishing digitally is that the author gets to keep all the rights to their novel and they can even set their own list prices.  I’m currently researching more in depth on Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’m currently not sure which route that I want to take.  It’s honestly a really hard choice.  In fact, I never even considered routes other than Traditional Publishing, but after doing my research, I am considering publishing digitally.  At least for my first novel just to get my name out there.

I really hoped that this post helped any writer who is in the process of publishing their novel.  Thank you so much for reading.

Do you have any thoughts about the different routes that a writer can take to get published?  Are you in the process of publishing a novel?

Your thoughts are always welcome!





5 thoughts on “Publishing Your Novel

  1. S.C Karakaltsas says:

    If your book doesn’t fit in with what a traditional publisher wants then there is no other choice than to self publish. You can use Ingram Spark who will distribute your book across dozens of ebook stores around the world as well as provide print on demand options the opportunity to order. And the cost is very reasonable. The marketing and getting your book noticed is applicable no matter whichever option you end up with. Good luck with it.

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  2. Akaluv says:

    Right now, I’m finishing Clash of Tides. Once it’s done, I’ll take a break from it and rewrite it. I’m thinking I’ll send it to my betas first. And hmm, honestly, I haven’t thought about which publishing route I want to use yet.

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