Creating a Fantasy World

Hey everyone!  It has been a while, but I am back!  And I have decided to dedicate a blog post to creating fantasy worlds.  So let’s get started.

When creating a brand new world, writers need to employ logic and emotion.  They need to capture the power of the reader’s imagination in a way that allows them to experience the world as if they too were living there alongside the characters.

So what are some ways that we can do this?

Well, to be honest, I have struggled with creating new worlds in the past.  I get carried away and have to backtrack so that everything makes sense.  So let me give you  seven things to do when creating your fictional world.

1) Draw a map.

Seriously this helps.  I used to get all turned around, forgetting where certain towns were located or which direction characters were even headed.  But now that I have started drawing maps, it gives me a much better lay out of the land, and it helps me to picture it in my head better.  Physically mapping the world grounds the land.  Meaning, it gives the writer the sense that their world is real and that it has real boundaries.  I seriously am always looking at my map when I write.

2) Give your fantasy world rules.

Consistency is a crucial aspect of world-building.  This is because the world provides a foundation for the action that is to take place in the story.  So let’s say the world has magic.  What are the rules?  Do magic users need a conduit to use magic, say a wand or a staff?  What are the limits placed on the use of magic?  Are characters born with a magical ability or do they have to spend years unlocking it?  The important thing is to build a foundation that works for your world.

3) Decide who the main intelligent inhabitants of your world are.

Do humans exist in your fantasy world?  If so, are they the only intelligent life?  If not, decide if there will be fairies, elves, dwarves, or even a race of your own creation.

4) Figure out the government system of your world.

Is it a democracy, a monarchy, or a republic?  Or even something else.  Who holds the authority in your world?  Who makes up the ruling class?

5) Decide what you want the world to be like.

What is the relationship between the inhabitants that the story is focusing on and the rest of the world?  Are they part of the dominate culture of the world, or are they the ones being oppressed?  What is their society like compared to the rest of the world?  Are they hated, loved, or considered untrustworthy?  What types of morals does their society uphold? Also, what is the climate of your world?  Is it hot, cold, mild?  Are there seasons?  How long is a year?  And make sure to decide what types of technology that you want present in your world.  Is this world’s technology more or less advanced than our world’s technology?  There are so many more things to consider, but this is a start.

6) Think about the basic infrastructure of the world.

What do they eat?  How do they grow food?  How do the people get around?  How do people survive?  When creating a world, you are constructing an economy.  And in an economy, certain things are expected of people.  Are the peasants the ones producing all the food?  Who is responsible for providing the military with weapons?  Does your fantasy world even have an army/military?  If so, who is allowed to join?

7) Try writing a quick summary of what a day would be like for a random and ordinary inhabitant of your world.

This is a fun exercise to do so that you can get a feel of the lives of the other inhabitants of your world.


These are just a few things to consider when building your world!  Hope you enjoy.  Happy world-building.



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